We are very pleased to invite participants from public and private research and institutions, and from the production and commercial sector to attend the ICC 2020 that will be held in Mersin, Turkey, from 8-13 November 2020, under the theme
“Reframing Citriculture: Better Connections for Future”.







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Turkish Citrus Expo



Turkey & Mersin

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Fruitlogistica 2019

ICC Organization Committee has joined to the Fruitlogistica 2019 and joined fruitful sponsorship meetings. Thank you to the Turkey booth for welcoming us.February 6-8, 2019Berlin, Germany

Mersin Citrus Festival 2018

Mersin Citrus Festival has started! Participants from all over the World are having great time at Mersin. Sculptures, special shows and all about Citrus are in this festival!November 17-18, 2018Mersin, Turkey

Jeju International Citrus Expo 2018

ICC 2020 Chair Mr. Kemal Kaçmaz has joined to Jeju International Citrus Expo with a special invitation and made a presentation about ICC 2020 Mersin.November 7-13, 2018Jeju, South Korea

Our Congress Office is Opened!

ICC 2020 Management Office is opened in Mersin, to ease preparation process of the Congress and organize one of the best congresses in International Society of Citrus (ISC) history.Thank you to everyone who were with us!October 24, 2018Mersin, Turkey

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